Time for You to Hire a Consultant?

Let’s imagine you’d like to reinforce your position into one of your strategic markets, close some key vital projects on time, or explore some promising niches for future growth … but you’re missing the necessary expertise right now, … and the clock is ticking! Do you leave those opportunities on the “parking lot”, or plan […]

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How to avoid wasting your marketing and sales resources in the medical device industry?

Let’s start with a general question: “Do you know how much water is lost by water distribution systems on average?” From official sources, it’s about 20% in Egypt and France, about 25 % in England and Wales, 30 to 35% in Qatar, about 40% in Brazil and Columbia, and so on … Keep this in […]

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Pascal Gand Consulting website

Coucher du soleil de montagne brun soleil bleu

Welcome to Pascal Gand Consulting website ! We hope that you’ll enjoy the visit and find relevant information that could help you achieving your own goals. As you navigate thru, you’ll be able to understand and appreciate the large experience available for you in the fields of Commercialization, from Strategic Marketing, to New Product Development, […]

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