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Welcome to Pascal Gand Consulting website !

We hope that you’ll enjoy the visit and find relevant information that could help you achieving your own goals. As you navigate thru, you’ll be able to understand and appreciate the large experience available for you in the fields of Commercialization, from Strategic Marketing, to New Product Development, New Product Launch, Distribution, and Marketing & Sales Management.

Pascal Gand Consulting mission

Pascal Gand Consulting mission is to provide concrete and pragmatic solutions to the challenges that Marketing, Sales and associated Teams are facing during pre-commercialization, commercialization and post-commercialization phases.
We’ll help you choosing and activating the appropriate set of tools and methods to reach or exceed your objectives.

Our goal, as stated in our tagline, is to help you: “Faire Savoir Votre Savoir Faire”, as the French would say, meaning making sure that your own customers understand how much you can help them by unlocking true competitive advantages, and generating a unique value proposition. Don’t let those best secrets unknown!

Special Commercialization Audit Tool

In order to assess your company Commercialization capabilities, we have put together a special Commercialization Audit Tool (CAT 6) which we’ll describe in our next publications. We explore along six axes your expertise, and highlight opportunities and areas for further development – Stay tuned!

Last but not least, we’d welcome all comments and questions you may have for us. Many thanks for your valuable feedback.


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